"Emma is a knowledgeable therapist with a warm energy. She listens, cares and figures out all of the stuff you struggle to understand while helping you to understand it too and find a way to overcome it. She guides & supports you through it all in a way that is personal to you. I can’t thank Emma enough for all her help and for standing by my side through all the changes I've made; a change of career, a relationship ending and coming off of medication. I have so many new tools to help me with life’s difficulties moving forward and my once messy head now feels like it all makes sense. A genuinely gifted human being who I’d highly recommend to anyone".
"I’m glad to report my period came back - today! I’m still living in Paris and having an absolutely amazing time exploring the city (every day feels new). I’ve fallen in love (!) He’s funny and kind and makes me feel like I can be totally myself around him. I just wanted to say thank you again for all the work we did together. I’m feeling much better about my relationship with food and with myself and I wouldn’t have reached this point if it weren’t for you!".
"Emma helped me through a difficult divorce, there was a complete change from the first time that I walked through the door and started the counselling. Emma helped me to see the positive side of my journey. She enabled me to address unresolved issues and move forward without repeating past mistakes. My counselling with Emma has had a very positive effect on my life and relationships. I would wholeheartedly recommend counselling with Emma".

“When I started having sessions with Emma I was at a very low point in my life, struggling to come to terms with the break-up of my marriage and feeling completely lost with seemingly no way forward. Very quickly I felt comfortable with Emma, our sessions having a sense of safety which allowed me to be totally honest with myself. Emma adapted her approach throughout our work to best suit my needs and provided me with tools and techniques to help me manage situations and ultimately take control of my life. One year later and I feel like a new person, able to enjoy life for probably the first time in about 20 years and I can look forward with excitement. I can’t thank Emma enough for how she helped me through the darkest time in my life to a place of being happy with who I am".

"Emma is a great therapist and my sessions with her have helped me immensely. I came to her for help with stress and emotional related overeating. Together with a nutritionist that she recommended, I now understand and recognise the triggers and I'm able to implement the coping mechanisms that she suggested. Emma’s sessions are relaxed and informative and she has a gift for helping people explore their emotions, putting them at ease and making them feel comfortable. I feel so much more positive and self-aware. I would highly recommend Emma".
“My sessions with Emma were very beneficial. I came to Emma struggling with anxiety and a poor self-image. With her congruent and safe manner she made me feel relaxed and free within her company to explore what I needed to. Emma helped me to address obstacles I was hiding away from and made me feel more confident in my life approaches. Her effectiveness and attention to detail was excellent. I couldn’t have asked for more. I made lots of positive life changes including leaving a relationship, changing my job, furthering my education and still continue to do so. I would highly recommend Emma to anyone who feels like they are struggling, she is a wonderful therapist”.

"I really struggled with a previous therapist so I wasn't hopeful. I told Emma in our phone conversation that I needed immediate solutions. That I couldn't go a day without binging and starving and that's what I needed addressed. I remember telling her I DID NOT need to speak about my parents or childhood because I'd been in and out of therapy since I was a teenager so really did not want to explain everything all over again. She was kind and patient and very straightforward with me. I couldn't help trusting her immediately.  And incredibly, she did exactly what I needed. She figured out how to go right into the very present issues and tackle them. We developed shorthands for the triggers that were plaguing me, what negative beliefs they were tied to, but she did it in such a way it was always targeting the main issues - the fact I couldn't stop binge eating. I honestly do not know how it worked, all I know is that it actually worked. The effect Emma had on how my brain works and how capable and supported I feel is absolutely unquantifiable. The complexity of experience was no object for her. She's so intuitive and empathetic she can immediately understand a unique situation and how I might be best equipped to navigate it. She really is an exceptional therapist. While of course she is highly educated and technically skilled, she has an ability I believe is unique, which is to be really empathetically present, sometimes surpassing logic and saying something from the heart which unlocks something huge. I looked forward to her humour, kindness and sincerity every week".

"I came to Emma with anxiety about my relationships and sex. She helped me understand myself better, build up my confidence and give me courage to go after what I want. The anxiety started to lift after about 3 months and I would return to Emma again without hesitation".

"Emma was recommended by a friend. I saw her for 10 sessions and she’s been amazing at helping me get back on track with my teenage daughter. I highly recommend Emma as a therapist. She is very personable and caring, most importantly she listens and helps you to find your solutions. I’ve had all my sessions online which has worked best for me with my busy work/home life schedule".

“I worked with Emma after struggling to recover from my teenage daughter’s eating disorder. I discovered with Emma’s help that I was struggling with codependency. Every set back my daughter had sent me into a panic and a downward spiral. After several sessions with Emma I felt much braver and started to rebuild my own strength in order to support my daughter in a more positive way. We now both have our lives back on the right track”.

"I saw Emma for 12 sessions and from my first contact, she was thorough in her approach. I found Emma easy to talk to and I felt heard. Emma is honest, straightforward, and has a great sense of humour. I wouldn’t hesitate to return to her for more therapy if needed".

"I saw Emma to work on my emotional management and to be more available to my family following a bereavement and other stress. As a football manager and a bit of a lad, it was a big step for me. Emma was recommended by a guy I know from the gym. The sessions helped me to understand myself and others more, gave me perspective and helped me to develop empathy.  Emma's use of humour really helped to take the edge off things whilst keeping me focused on what I needed to work on".

"I had 6 sessions with Emma, both in person and online. Her sessions really helped me to feel better about things moving forward, particularly with regards to anxiety surrounding  university; I found 6 sessions to be a perfect amount of time to work through things. She really helped me to put things into perspective in relation to Covid and how I was feeling as this was something I was struggling to do myself. I found the sessions to be a safe space and relatively relaxing which put me at ease, particularly helpful as this was my first experience of therapy".

"I accessed therapy to address my mental blocks in order to support the children that I teach. Emma helped me acknowledge the need to become more self-aware and develop compassion for myself in order to better support others. Each session was individually tailored and Emma was amazing at using her intuition, she really understood what I needed. Her professional skills and expertise guided me through recognising my mental blocks as well as addressing my trauma compassionately. As a result, I feel increasingly confident and have the important tools to manage triggers. I’m also able to encourage those around me to view situations compassionately. I would highly recommend Emma and can’t thank her enough for everything she has helped me with".

"Emma is a wonderful therapist. Her professional and engaged attitude allowed me to settle into our sessions from our first meeting. Having spent the last 2 years in therapy with her, Emma has adapted and developed her approach to our sessions to best suit my needs that day, which meant I always got what I needed out of every session.  She understood what I needed from the beginning, enabling us to settle into a very easy, comfortable yet professional relationship.  I’m very grateful to Emma’s guidance over the last couple of years which has assisted me through some tough times in my life and given me the power to move forward, face new hurdles knowing myself and my worth and land my dream job in the West End".