The Price of a Poorly Managed Emotional Life

The price of a poorly managed emotional life is very evident when one considers the extent of common human misery, anxiety and despair in the world; the ongoing difficulties, suffering and abuse in many relationships; the common occurrence of psychosomatic illness and stress related diseases.  It is evident also in those areas of life where people seem to be communicating their hurt, hate or anger, but in ways which are destructive to self or others, ranging from bad behaviour, criminality, addictions and suicide to the more everyday destructive communications which are specifically designed to hurt others such as sulking, negative criticism or petty arguments.

In summary, when people have nowhere else to express, explore or learn about their feelings, they often decide to remain silent, bottle up or swallow their feelings. This leads to a constant state of unease, which in some cases, is markedly damaging psychologically and physically.  Alternatively, they act out their feelings in ways which can be highly destructive to self, others or even whole communities.  Many people are often both unable, or unequipped, to see or conceptualise other more creative options for dealing with their feelings.

How much more anxiety and depression, violence and abuse, confusion and despair does there need to be before people accept they may need some assistance in managing their emotional world?  Therapy is a great first step to take to begin to explore your emotional life and management, to become emotionally intelligent, and to learn how you can use your emotions to optimise your health and happiness.

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